Katrina Carlson founder Feel Good Fine Jewelry wearing a crystal gemstone necklace designed by her

A Love for Nature and Stones that Make You Feel Good!

People have asked me about the origins of why I love crystals and gemstones? Some of my first memories realizing the power of nature started in my youth growing up in the Sonoran desert in Paradise Valley, Arizona. I spent many of my days playing on the rocky hillside upon which our house was built. I loved to collect stones outdoors and bring them home into my room for decor. Or I would create forts and hideouts on our hillside with stones as walls and entrances. Being in nature has always uplifted my spirit whether it be walking in a forest, wading in a stream, swimming in the sea or hiking in the mountains--the more nature the better! It's easy to be at peace in nature, but we can't always be in beautiful natural surroundings. So I encourage everyone to bring nature inside --buy a houseplant, find a shell on the beach for your dresser, place a crystal in your living room,  or make sure your next piece of furniture brings you joy through a happy color or a natural material such as wood. Of course, my favorite thing is to wear a crystal necklace that sits right on my chest and gives feel good vibes all day long. Every little bit of the natural world that you integrate into your life will bring you a little closer to wellness, connection and serenity.