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Natural Smoky Quartz 18 Karat White Gold Necklace

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This stunning, extra-large, one-of a-kind Smoky Quartz Crystal is set in 18 Karat white gold on an 14 Karat white gold 20" chain. 

Selenite Bowl included with purchase.

Smoky Quartz is known to have its strength sit in its powerful grounding properties. Ever-ready to neutralize any negativity that comes your way, Smoky Quartz is an anchor against the storm. This stone is thought to serve as a detox, an amplifier of positive energy, and a talisman for the root chakra. It’s the perfect crystal to wear for people who may find themselves with a wandering mind. This stone is here to assist in not only clearing your mind, but also to allow you to be more level-headed. 

Chakra: Root

Stone size: 183 ct, 56.1 x 31.6 x 21.6 mm*

Notice the photo of the back of the stone and its 18K gold open setting which allows the crystal to lie directly on your skin as freely as possible to maximize the "Feel Good" vibrations of the Smoky Quartz crystal. The stone is set in 18K white gold in order to best aid in amplifying the gemstone’s vibrations.

Keep your "Feel Good" necklaces or any crystals or gemstones in your complimentary 4" Selenite Bowl when you aren’t wearing or using them. Selenite cleanses, recharges and protects all that it surrounds.

*Estimation with scale and caliper by hand.